A handy toolbox for your Steam accounts.

Why Steamulate?

◎Easy to use

◎Lots of cool features

◎Background mode supported

◎The best and the only Steam account manager for iOS

And we make it the best by...

Works everywhere

Are you managing your Steam accounts on your PC? Do you leave your PC open just to farm trading cards? Be tired of dry console programs? Well, yon don't have to do that anymore. With some magic, now you can farm cards directly from your phones, regardless of how many accounts you have, with the same—even higher—speed.

Complete Toolkit

Steamulate is not just about idling. Have 20 keys of the same game and want to redeem them to 20 different accounts? It's christmas and you would like to post "Merry Xmas!" to every friend's profile page? Want to make booster packs, unpack them, or craft badges in large amounts all automatically? Transfer items between accounts? Confirm hundreds of items for sale with one click? Well, you can always find what you need here.

Highly Customizable

We put you in full control over your Steam account. Online status? Order of farming? Farm refundable things? Reject all friend/group invites? Reject all trade offers? How should we respond if you receive a message from your friend while in-app? Want to show your status to your friends as something like "Playing Apex"? Of course, you can just leave everything as default and it will work fine, but we respect the way how you'd like to use your account.

Smooth Workflow

We have a console interface that allows you to perform operations on multiple accounts concurrently. Don't be afraid though, the way you enter commands is exactly the same as how you talk to your friends on WhatsApp, Line, etc. Yup the console is like a chat bot, and by using the in-app tapboard you don't even need to type commands yourself. If you choose to enter them manually, there are also auto-completion tweaks to help you with command names. It's really cool, try it out yourself!

Browser Included

We also have a built-in browser. When you logged in to your account, the browser would log in to it as well. And when you switched to another account, the browser switched accordingly. Imagine that you want to send message with another account, or accept a trade offer received in another one, with our browser, you can do this real quick. We even have several built-in userscripts. Maybe you want something like SteamGifts one-click entry on your phone from long time ago?

Safe to Use

We understand how important your Steam accounts are because we're gamers too. All your account information, sensitive or not, won't be sent to anyone other than valid Steam network servers, including us. When it is needed to store your credentials on hard disk, they're always strongly encrypted that no one will be able to extract them from the encrypted format. We also have a clear privacy policy you should check out, if you would like to know how we're doing to protect them.