A Complete Toolkit

Steamulate has lots of cool features. First thing first, let's talk about its farming feature. To make you have a better grasp at it, we made this table which compares Steamulate with some other popular cards farming tools.

Product Name Idle Master ArchiSteamFarm Steamulate
Platform PC PC iOS
Program Type GUI Console GUI
Support Multiple Accounts No Yes Yes
Max Apps Farming Concurrently 1 32 32
Can Farm Manually No Yes Yes
Can Skip Through Apps Fast Yes No Yes
Can Farm Offline No Yes Yes
Can Change Farming Order Part of Part of Fully

And Steamulate is not just about farming... We have a built-in browser, with which you can do these things very easily.

Feature Possible Use Case
Browser shares the same logon credentials with your account. No more disturbing cool-down when trying to accept trade offers from a new computer.
Browser can  switch to another account with ease. No need to log-out & log-in, or open new private tab, just a single tap and you're done.
Browser can use built-in userscripts to boost your productivity Auto accept SSA when using Steam web services, SteamGifts one-click entry, etc.

And by taking advantage of console commands, you can also do these things...

Feature Possible Use Case
Can transfer inventory items between accounts easily. Are you sitting there all day long just to wait for your inventory page to load?
Can make booster packs with schedule automatically. No need to manually craft them everyday. Enter once and you're all set.
Can unpack booster packs automatically. Although it could be fun to open packs yourself, but if you have got a lot...
Can craft a specified number of badges, or craft them until reach specified level. You can be free from watching that slow animation over and over again.
Can complete discovery queue automatically. No more "next one" × 36 everyday during sale event.
Post comments to every friend's profile page. Want to say "Merry Xmas!" to them when Chrismas comes?
Notify your friends with auto reply message. Feel worried if you could miss any message from your friends?
Display custom status to your friends. Want to display a "Playing Apex" (or anything else) on your profile page?
Confirm all pending 2FA items. Have hundreds of items for sale?
Advanced key redeeming. Redeem all for one account? For multiple? Or redeem one key for each account?
More! Please view docs for the complete list.

At last... As we all know, Steam is a game itself. Playing games on Steam is fun, but having library "+1", boosting Steam level and crafting cool badges might just be more fun for some of us. The same things happens on Steamulate, by literally playing Steam, you can unlock secret achievements. You'll never know what you'll dig out, an Easter egg? Or more surprisingly, a glitch? ("It's not a bug, it's a feature!") We're excited to see how far you can go.