Privacy Policy

Version: 1.1 | Last Updated: March 2019

First of all, thanks for trusting us by using our service. We respect the privacy of our users by minimizing the data we collect and stating clearly how we shall use them. By using Steamulate (this app), you agree to our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can manage your information. Let us walk you through this in a delightful manner.

Information we collect

Each time during the launch, the app will try to send some statistics data to our database, which includes:
    1. The hash of your current Apple ID, whose value comes from the API provided by Apple and is therefore guaranteed to be anonymous and harmless.
    2. An identifier generated from your receipt. Whenever you download items from App Store, a receipt will be included as the prove of your ownership. The same thing happens here, since it's also provided by Apple you can certainly ensure that all your personal information has no direct nor indirect relation with this identifier.
    3. Your usage data, including badges crafted, booster packs crafted, cards farmed, cards got from wild mode, foil cards got, rare items got, and total use time. Only the count will be recorded and sent, and these data can never be associated with a specific Steam account. We'll explain why we're doing this in the next section.

Why we collect it

We collect your usage data solely for our developers, and none of them will be shared with any third party. By checking our users' usage data, we can figure out the most likely use case of our app, and whether a new feature is welcomed or not. As a pure side effect, this is also used to determine your achievement status.

Information we shall never collect

Any sensitive data, like the logon credentials of your account. The information we collect will never be linked to your Steam account.

How to manage your information

By sending an email from app to our support team, you can request for an export or complete deletion of your usage data. We're working hard to make this process automatic. When it is done, we will update this section accordingly.

Changes to this policy

We might change this Privacy Policy when it is needed. We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. Changes always ships with a new release of the app. If they are significant, we’ll provide an in-app notice.